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 City / Place  Region  Current  High / Low  Wind
AasuWestern District
Aasu StreamWestern District
AasufouWestern District
AfaoWestern District
Afimuao RidgeEastern District
Afimuao StreamEastern District
AfonoEastern District
Afono BayEastern District
Afono Elementary SchoolEastern District
Afono PassEastern District
Afu StreamEastern District
Afuelo StreamEastern District
AfuleiEastern District
Afulei StreamEastern District
Afuli CoveManua
Afutele StreamWestern District
Aga StreamEastern District
Agalua RockEastern District
AganoaEastern District
Agaoleatu PointEastern District
Agapie CoveEastern District
Agaputuputu StreamManua
Agasavili PointEastern District
Agasii StreamEastern District
Agatoavalu RockWestern District
AguguluWestern District
Alaeli RidgeWestern District
AlaoEastern District
Alataua-Lua Elementary SchoolWestern District
Alatele CoveWestern District
Alava MountainEastern District
AlegaEastern District
Alega BeachEastern District
Alega StreamEastern District
Alega ValleyEastern District
Alei RidgeManua
Alei StreamManua
Alili RidgeEastern District
Alili SpringEastern District
AlofauEastern District
Alofau Elementary SchoolEastern District
Alofisau PointEastern District
Amaile RidgeEastern District
Amaile StreamEastern District
Amalau (historical)Eastern District
Amalau ValleyEastern District
AmaluiaWestern District
AmanaveWestern District
Amanave BayWestern District
Amano StreamEastern District
Amate StreamWestern District
AmauaEastern District
American Samoa Community CollegeWestern District
American Samoa Government Administration BuildingEastern District
American Samoa, Territory of 
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