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 City / Place  Region  Latitude  Longitude  Altitude
A BANFF BOUTIQUE INNAlberta51.17 N115.58 W 
A HATERLEIGH HERITAGE INNBritish Columbia48.42 N123.38 W 
A IslandOntario46.75 N80.67 W 
A la Peche CreekAlberta53.8 N118.8 W 
A la Peche LakeAlberta53.8 N118.84 W 
A la Peche TrailAlberta53.8 N118.8 W 
A LakeNew Brunswick45.4 N66.55 W 
A LakeOntario47.67 N81.86 W 
A-Amble-Inn B & BAlberta51.08 N115.35 W 
A-frame LakeOntario44.88 N79.64 W 
A-H LakeAlberta57.76 N112.58 W 
A-Ma-BaieQuebec45.51 N73.78 W 
A. Enns Wildlife RefugeManitoba49.19 N97.66 W 
A.I.s LakeNova Scotia45.1 N61.87 W 
A.Y. Jackson LakeOntario46.02 N81.4 W 
Aadland LakeSaskatchewan59.42 N108.72 W 
Aalder IslandNova Scotia44.63 N64.42 W 
Aalders LandingNova Scotia44.83 N64.92 W 
Aalders Lang BrookNova Scotia44.87 N64.3 W 
Aalders Lang MeadowNova Scotia44.85 N64.32 W 
Aaltanhash InletBritish Columbia53.13 N128.52 W 
Aaltanhash RiverBritish Columbia53.15 N128.47 W 
Aanaalasaup KuungaQuebec60.16 N69.77 W 
AananniavikQuebec59.3 N69.83 W 
Aandal LakeManitoba58.49 N101.65 W 
Aarianga LakeNunavut67.23 N86.03 W 
Aaron ArmNewfoundland and Labrador47.62 N57.63 W 
Aaron CoveNewfoundland and Labrador52.45 N55.71 W 
Aaron CreekOntario49.8 N81.82 W 
Aaron HillBritish Columbia49.3 N117.55 W 
Aaron IslandNewfoundland and Labrador47.6 N57.65 W 
Aaron LakeOntario47.07 N79.47 W 
Aaron PointBritish Columbia48.45 N123.4 W 
Aaron Provincial ParkOntario49.76 N92.66 W 
Aarons BrookNew Brunswick45.92 N67.62 W 
Aarons DeadwaterNew Brunswick45.92 N67.62 W 
Aarons HillNewfoundland and Labrador47.22 N55.35 W 
AasiwaskwasichQuebec55.1 N76.88 W 
Aass Indian Reserve 3British Columbia49.62 N126.82 W 
Aastrom LakeSaskatchewan59.81 N102.73 W 
Ab IslandOntario45.76 N80.64 W 
Ab ShoalOntario45.77 N80.65 W 
Aba LakeBritish Columbia53.48 N122.09 W 
Abalard CreekOntario51.12 N93.73 W 
Abamasagi LakeOntario50.47 N87.25 W 
Abamategwia LakeOntario49.67 N91.9 W 
Abams LakeOntario49.25 N81 W 
AbanaQuebec48.95 N79.34 W 
Abandon BayNunavut75.48 N94.08 W 
Abandoned CreekNorthwest Territories64.45 N128.8 W 
Abas LakeBritish Columbia55.03 N124.62 W 
Abate LakeOntario51.05 N94.13 W 
Abazotikichuan LakeOntario51.3 N87.7 W 
ABBA INN DOWNTOWNNewfoundland and Labrador47.57 N52.71 W 
AbbadieQuebec50.42 N66.97 W 
Abbate PointNewfoundland and Labrador59.37 N63.65 W 
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