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 City / Place  Region  Latitude  Longitude  Altitude
AasuWestern District14.3 S170.76 W69 m
Aasu StreamWestern District14.3 S170.76 W26 m
AasufouWestern District14.32 S170.76 W410 m
AfaoWestern District14.34 S170.8 W4 m
Afimuao RidgeEastern District14.26 S170.58 W63 m
Afimuao StreamEastern District14.26 S170.58 W117 m
AfonoEastern District14.26 S170.65 W26 m
Afono BayEastern District14.26 S170.65 W77 m
Afono Elementary SchoolEastern District14.26 S170.65 W4 m
Afono PassEastern District14.27 S170.66 W175 m
Afu StreamEastern District14.31 S170.69 W3 m
Afuelo StreamEastern District14.3 S170.68 W2 m
AfuleiEastern District14.28 S170.62 W-3 m
Afulei StreamEastern District14.28 S170.62 W-3 m
Afuli CoveManua14.26 S169.5 W3 m
Afutele StreamWestern District14.34 S170.82 W5 m
Aga StreamEastern District14.28 S170.71 W119 m
Agalua RockEastern District14.29 S170.73 W238 m
AganoaEastern District14.28 S170.58 W21 m
Agaoleatu PointEastern District14.28 S170.55 W3 m
Agapie CoveEastern District14.27 S170.71 W288 m
Agaputuputu StreamManua14.17 S169.67 W129 m
Agasavili PointEastern District14.27 S170.72 W136 m
Agasii StreamEastern District14.29 S170.72 W74 m
Agatoavalu RockWestern District14.34 S170.82 W4 m
AguguluWestern District14.34 S170.82 W-3 m
Alaeli RidgeWestern District14.31 S170.8 W368 m
AlaoEastern District14.27 S170.56 W5 m
Alataua-Lua Elementary SchoolWestern District14.33 S170.81 W8 m
Alatele CoveWestern District14.35 S170.72 W2 m
AlaufauManua14.17 S169.68 W9 m
Alava MountainEastern District14.27 S170.69 W10 m
AlegaEastern District14.29 S170.64 W8 m
Alega BeachEastern District14.29 S170.64 W1 m
Alega StreamEastern District14.29 S170.64 W4 m
Alega ValleyEastern District14.28 S170.64 W4 m
Alei RidgeManua14.17 S169.61 W298 m
Alei StreamManua14.17 S169.68 W3 m
Alili RidgeEastern District14.27 S170.57 W63 m
Alili SpringEastern District14.27 S170.57 W100 m
AlofauEastern District14.28 S170.6 W87 m
Alofau Elementary SchoolEastern District14.28 S170.6 W6 m
Alofisau PointEastern District14.29 S170.56 W4 m
Amaile RidgeEastern District14.31 S170.7 W186 m
Amaile StreamEastern District14.32 S170.7 W4 m
Amalau (historical)Eastern District14.26 S170.66 W162 m
Amalau ValleyEastern District14.26 S170.66 W2 m
AmaluiaWestern District14.34 S170.79 W3 m
AmanaveWestern District14.33 S170.83 W20 m
Amanave BayWestern District14.33 S170.83 W-3 m
Amano StreamEastern District14.27 S170.66 W280 m
Amate StreamWestern District14.3 S170.81 W111 m
AmauaEastern District14.28 S170.62 W2 m
American Samoa Community CollegeWestern District14.32 S170.74 W47 m
American Samoa Government Administration BuildingEastern District14.29 S170.68 W8 m
American Samoa, Territory of 14.23 S169.48 W 
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