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 City / Place  Region  Latitude  Longitude  Altitude
Abraham's HoleSaba17.62 N63.22 W 
AmbuanaBonaire12.15 N68.27 W 
AngolaBonaire12.17 N68.27 W 
ArubaBonaire12.15 N68.25 W 
Back Off BaySint Eustatius17.45 N62.95 W 
BacunaBonaire12.12 N68.2 W 
Banana GutSaba17.62 N63.22 W 
Bara i CartaBonaire12.17 N68.23 W 
Bargine BaySint Eustatius17.5 N62.97 W 
Barkadera 12.2 N68.3 W 
BaronBonaire12.25 N68.35 W 
Be ZuBonaire12.3 N68.38 W 
BecoBonaire12.2 N68.25 W 
Behind the MountainSint Eustatius17.48 N62.95 W 
Behind the RidgeSaba17.63 N63.22 W 
Bel NemBonaire12.12 N68.28 W 
Bella VistaBonaire12.15 N68.25 W 
BellevueSint Eustatius17.47 N62.97 W 
Belnem 12.12 N68.29 W 
Beneden BoliviaBonaire12.23 N68.27 W 
BenesuelaBonaire12.27 N68.33 W 
BengalenSint Eustatius17.48 N62.95 W 
BengeBonaire12.28 N68.4 W 
BennersSint Eustatius17.48 N62.98 W 
BergjeSint Eustatius17.5 N62.98 W 
Big GutSint Eustatius17.45 N62.95 W 
Big PastureSint Eustatius17.48 N62.95 W 
Big Rendez VousSaba17.62 N63.23 W 
Billy's GutSint Eustatius17.48 N62.98 W 
Bise MortoBonaire12.27 N68.4 W 
Blauwe PanBonaire12.08 N68.28 W 
Boca BartolBonaire12.3 N68.38 W 
Boca CanoaBonaire12.22 N68.2 W 
Boca CanonBonaire12.25 N68.4 W 
Boca CatunaBonaire12.3 N68.4 W 
Boca ChikituBonaire12.2 N68.2 W 
Boca CocolishiBonaire12.3 N68.37 W 
Boca OliviaBonaire12.25 N68.28 W 
Boca OnimaBonaire12.25 N68.32 W 
Boca SlagbaaiBonaire12.27 N68.4 W 
Boca SpelonkBonaire12.22 N68.18 W 
Boca WashikembaBonaire12.17 N68.2 W 
Bocht van GotoBonaire12.19 N68.31 W 
Boka PamperBonaire12.27 N68.33 W 
BoliviaBonaire12.22 N68.23 W 
BonabistaBonaire12.15 N68.23 W 
BonaireBonaire12.19 N68.26 W 
Bonaire Relay Station 12.21 N68.32 W 
Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba 12.21 N68.29 W 
Booby HillSaba17.62 N63.22 W 
Booby HoleSaba17.62 N63.22 W 
Booby Hole RidgeSaba17.62 N63.22 W 
BoteleBonaire12.23 N68.32 W 
Bottom HillSaba17.62 N63.23 W 
BouilleSint Eustatius17.47 N62.97 W 
BovenSint Eustatius17.52 N62.98 W 
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