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 City / Place  Region  Latitude  Longitude  Altitude
A A Bailey Recreation GroundSouth Australia34.97 S138.58 E 
A B C Creek BridgeTasmania41.03 S147.95 E 
A Beach 'N Reef MotelGladstone, Queensland23.94 S151.35 E 
A Bower at BrouleeEurobodalla, New South Wales35.84 S150.17 E 
A C Moore ReserveNew South Wales33.75 S151.03 E 
A J Baker ParkNew South Wales32.75 S151.6 E 
A J Brown ReserveNew South Wales34.2 S150.79 E 
A J White ParkTasmania42.88 S147.33 E 
A James Bailey PlaygroundSouth Australia34.86 S138.5 E 
A P M Aeration PondVictoria38.18 S146.48 E 
A R Hurst ReserveNew South Wales34.01 S151.09 E 
A S Luketina ReserveWestern Australia31.92 S115.78 E 
A T Knibbs ReserveSouth Australia34.78 S138.49 E 
A TAMAR VALLEY RESORTLaunceston, Tasmania41.42 S147.13 E 
A Tree Blackbutt Flora ReserveNew South Wales31.24 S152.46 E 
A-AllaWestern Australia33.9 S115.11 E 
A. W. CreekQueensland13.03 S142.93 E 
A.A. (Gus) Parish Memorial ParkNew South Wales34.45 S150.85 E 
A.F. Robertson Cunninghame ParkNew South Wales29.73 S151.7 E 
A.F. Taylor ParkNew South Wales32.15 S150.88 E 
A.F. Wyatt ReserveNew South Wales33.6 S151.33 E 
A.Z.O. RanchWestern Australia29.66 S115.29 E 
AAMI StadiumSouth Australia34.88 S138.5 E 
Aaron Creek Picnic AreaSouth Australia35.63 S138.19 E 
Aarons All Suites HotelPerth Water, Western Australia31.96 S115.87 E 
Aarons Hotel PerthPerth Water, Western Australia31.95 S115.86 E 
Aarons Hotel SydneyCity of Sydney, New South Wales33.88 S151.2 E 
Abarungkwa BeachNorthern Territory13.72 S136.18 E 
Abba JirehWestern Australia33.67 S115.51 E 
Abba RiverWestern Australia33.63 S115.42 E 
Abbetoona HillSouth Australia26.27 S140.27 E 
AbbevilleNorthern Areas, South Australia33.42 S138.43 E 
Abbeville ApartmentsMelbourne, Victoria37.79 S144.95 E 
Abbeville ParkWestern Australia31.69 S115.71 E 
AbbeyBusselton, Western Australia33.66 S115.26 E 
Abbey FarmWestern Australia33.72 S115.04 E 
Abbey HillsMoyne, Victoria38.05 S142.28 E 
Abbey PeakCook, Queensland14.32 S144.48 E 
Abbey Peak MissionCook, Queensland14.38 S144.58 E 
AbbieglassieMaranoa, Queensland27.25 S147.58 E 
Abbot BayQueensland19.85 S147.96 E 
Abbot CreekQueensland20.18 S147.7 E 
Abbot PointQueensland19.88 S148.07 E 
Abbots West MineWestern Australia26.32 S118.39 E 
AbbotsburyFairfield, New South Wales33.87 S150.86 E 
Abbotsfield ParkTasmania42.79 S147.24 E 
Abbotsfield RivuletTasmania42.78 S147.25 E 
AbbotsfordCanada Bay, New South Wales33.85 S151.13 E 
AbbotsfordBoroondara, Victoria37.8 S145 E 
Abbotsford BayNew South Wales33.85 S151.13 E 
Abbotsford BridgeVictoria34.13 S141.99 E 
Abbotsford CreekTasmania41.65 S147.9 E 
Abbotsford ParkNew South Wales31.9 S150.88 E 
Abbotsford PlantationSouth Australia34.78 S138.7 E 
Abbotsford Public SchoolNew South Wales33.85 S151.13 E 
Abbotsford WharfNew South Wales33.83 S151.12 E 
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